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What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet rich Plasma) injection is performed on the body areas needed after the blood received from the person, known as a platelet rich plasma treatment, has been passed through several procedures. The treatment of PRP can be applied as a cure for esthetic problems such as hair loss, skin rejuvenation. PRP applications are not for esthetic purposes only. It is also used for the rapid recovery and recovery of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. The application of a hair PRP is a treatment that helps individuals with rare, weak hair to make their hair healthy and strong again. The application of a sheet PRP, which is a major benefit in the short time, is one of the most effective methods to prevent hair loss. The PRP application applies the plasma-haired skin that is separated from the person’s blood, which ensures that the roots of the hair are repaired.

PRP treatment has been continuously developing since 2008. Since the patient’s blood is used in the treatment when applying the PRP method, there is no risk of infectious disease. There is also no risk of allergies. As a result of the application, there is a clear resurrection to the hair roots shortly. After treatment of PRP, hair tissue development begins, repair of worn and thin hair follicles. So your hair looks as healthy and vibrant as it used to be.

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