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A healthy eye and eye are areas that make the person look young, dynamic, and alive. The complaint to the eye cap is addressed by excess skin and greases in the upper eye cap, bags, pits, and lines in the lower eye cap. Those who have experienced these complaints have a tired, old, sad, unrest expression. Therefore, he may be subject to questions from people around him, and his self-esteem and social life may be affected. With eye-cap surgeries, these problems are resolved, ensuring that the person is energized and confident.

How Are Eyelid Surgeries Performed?
Eye cap surgeries, also described as blepharoplasty, can be performed separately with muscle lift, forehead strain, and middle face rejuvenation interventions. However, it is possible to apply botox and filler applications to the area around the eyelid in addition to these operations.

Eye cap surgeries can be performed with general anesthesia, as well as local anesthesia.

Plastic eyelid surgeries are divided into 2, upper and lower eyelid surgery:

1. Esthetic upper eyelid surgeries
Plastic upper eyelid surgery can also remove oil bags with excess skin on the upper eyelid.

2. Esthetic lower eyelid surgeries
In plastic lower eyelid surgery, excess skin and oil bags are removed. However, if there are additional cavities with the dustbags, the oil bags are removed slightly. The rest is used to fill these pits. This will correct the pitting along with the dustbags.

Surgery Time
The surgery takes 2-3 hours for the upper and lower eyelids only when blepharoplasty is performed without any other esthetic intervention.

Post-op period
Not much pain is expected, except for the pain that happened with the painkillers the same day after the surgery. The patient is discharged after staying the same day or one night.

Swelling and bruising usually occur around the eyes and eyes within 1-2 weeks. after 5-7 days, the stitches are removed. The patient usually returns to work and to his daily life after a few days.

The upper eyelid has a cut in the top cover fold, and the lower eyelid has an eyelid at the bottom. But it doesn’t cause a long-term disturbance.