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In recent years, the gastric balloon has been raised much more with the increasing obesity problem. Especially those who aren’t too hot for surgery to get rid of the obesity problem can use their preference in this way.

It is important to note that one of the methods of making weight loss easier is that the gastric balloon is made of silicone material that does not harm the body. The volume of gastric balloons used in this method varies between 500 ml and 1000 ml. After examination and examination, the stomach balloon with the most appropriate volume is determined by the doctor. One of the most curious things is how much weight can be lost with a stomach balloon. We will also cover this issue, but first let’s simply summarize how the stomach balloon is fitted, which is very closely related to those who have obesity issues.

How Should a Gastric Balloon be Placed?
Let’s first point out that the gastric balloon method can be utilized through a very comfortable process, while patients do not feel any pain, pain, or cramps during the process. Because this is done using a sedation method called sedoaneljezi. This method allows us to say that the patient does not remember anything for approximately 10 minutes. In addition, the sedoaneljezi method has no side effects, and in this respect, patients can take advantage of the method without any concern.

Sedoaneljezi and the patient are going into the endoscopy phase immediately after they have been put to sleep. The endoscopy method checks the patient’s stomach for any injuries or reflexes. If there is an ulcer, a wound, or a reflex (large hiatus hernia), the procedure is aborted.

In this case, reflex or ulcer must be treated before applying the gastric balloon. If no problems are detected in the endoscopy process, the stage of the stomach balloon being inserted into the stomach is now underway. It is also important to note that this balloon is placed in the stomach through the orifice. No laceration is applied to the patient’s abdomen, and therefore no suture is required.

A tube-shaped medical tool is used to help deliver the gastrointestinal balloon from the mouth to the stomach. Immediately after that, inside this balloon, the public is given a methylene blue, called ‘blue water’, and the balloon is inflated. The process is complete, with the stomach balloon inflating at the desired rate. One of the methods that does not require any concern for the patient, the gastric balloon application is one of the procedures that has been completed in a very short time.

Are There Any Risk of a Gastric Balloon?
Of course, those who want to take advantage of this method also have risks of gastric balloon processing on their agenda. We must first point out that the method in question does not have a very serious risk. The risks of this operation can be much lower, especially if it is done by an experienced doctor. The risk is that only when the balloons are placed in the stomach, the hard end can damage the esophagus and the swallowing tube.

It should also be known that the stomach balloons must be removed after a certain period, no matter what volume they have. If this time is not taken out, there is a risk of explosion. In the event of a gastrointestinal bubble exploding, a change in the color of the urine occurs and the urine becomes blue.

In such a case, patients should immediately meet with their doctor and give information to ensure that the stomach balloon is removed. Sometimes a burst of gastrointestinal balloons can cause a blockage of the small intestine. That’s why those who have the gastric balloon treatment have to be very careful about the point of use of this material. In the meantime, we need to emphasize the brand of gastric balloons used and whether CE or FDA approval is essential. Stomach balloons without CE or FDA approval must never be used.

How Much Weight Does a Gastric Balloon Lose?
One of the questions that patients first wonder about is how much weight can be lost with a stomach balloon. However, in response to this question, it can be deceptive to mention a clear weight. Because it varies depending on the patient and the volume of the balloon used, where the weight is lost by applying the gastric balloon.

However, with the stomach balloon in general, the person may lose approximately 20% of the average weight. For this, of course, there are conditions such as the patient is well prepared for the process, the dietician taking into account the recommendations and warnings, the dietician follow-up, and the fact that a good brand has a stomach balloon installed.

A very high weight loss of as much as 20% can be possible with a process that is suitable for all these conditions. It’s also a very important advantage that the gastric balloon can be attached to a surgical operation without the need for an incisor. Because patients can take advantage of this process without having a difficult recovery time, without clinical rest or home rest, without taking a long break from their work life. And immediately afterward, if they feel good, they can continue their daily lives where they left off.

How Does a Gastric Balloon Work?
The first 3 days after the gastric balloon is installed, the patient’s body fights to get the balloon out of the stomach. During this time, nausea and nausea may result in vomiting complaints due to nausea. However, these complaints only appear in 10% of patients. In the 3 days following the practice, we indicate that patients have experienced a weight loss of between 3 and 5 kilos.

Because after 3 days, the effects of the gastric balloon begin to be noticed by patients. Because the stomach balloon, which covers a certain amount of space in the stomach, allows the brain to be signaled as if there was food in the stomach. These signals allow the patient to feel fed, so naturally less food is consumed. If the diet and exercise are accompanied by a smaller amount of food consumption, the process of weakening will also begin.

How Much Time Can The Gastric Balloon Remain in Your Stomach?
First, let’s point out that the gastric balloons are split in half in terms of the time it takes to stay in the stomach. These are;

6 months with gastric balloons.
12 months of gastric balloons

Of course, it is also important to note that this period can sometimes extend from 2 months to 3 months. We should also point out that if the time of the stomach balloons to be removed is several months longer, it does not harm the patient. However, it should also be important not to extend this period further.

Does The Gastric Balloon Work?
The first question we hear from patients is usually whether this method works or not. If the stomach balloon is applied to the right person at the right time, it’s impossible to fail. The important thing here is that the patient has sufficient knowledge of both the process and the process to be done. If the advice of the doctor and the dietician is taken into account, this will always work and ensure that the weight is lost.

Does the Gastric balloon explode?
It’s important to note that stomach balloons are available after many tests and analysis. Normally, it’s almost impossible for the gastric balloons to explode. It is also important to note that there is little risk of complications. So far, no case of stomach balloon exploding and patient damage has been reported. But let’s stress once again that it has to be removed at the end of its useful life.

What’s in The Gastric Balloon?
Today, gastric balloons are filled with water and air. However, the complications of installing cool gastric balloons and the difficulty of applying them are not often preferred recently.

Is There a Age Limitation on The Gastric Balloon?
There is no age limitation in the gastric bubble, but in light of our experience, we can indicate that there is a process we recommend to patients over 10. Of course, it is beneficial to have pediatric consultation before the application.