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Neck stretching operations are applied for the treatment of problems such as wrinkles, sagging, thickening, displacement, and the effect of aging in the neck area.

The effect of gravity on the skin, tissue, and muscles causes visible sagging and changes in the neck. Belt-shaped curves are formed on the neck, and oil is collected under the tickle. With changes to the percentage, a noticeable change is observed in the person’s view.

Neck and lower face stretch sometimes make an incisor under the chin, front and back of the ear. The face and neck skin release. Excess skin is removed. If necessary, liposuction and tickles are removed from the under-jaw area. It is usually planned in combination with face stretching and neck stretching. These surgeries are often performed with general anesthesia.

As with every surgery, there’s a trail here, but it doesn’t attract attention because it’s made under the chin, behind the favorite line, and behind the ear.

During the post-op period, there may be mild pain, bruises, and moderate swelling in the early days.