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Later age, gravity, stress, cigarettes, booze, malnutrition, effects of solar radiation, etc… cause such droplets in the face area, custody bags, and deep creases in the face.

At a later age, the soft tissue on the face decreases and hangs downwards through the facial bones, under the effect of gravity. It is possible to characterize this as the skin beginning to come loose on the face. The purpose of facial stretching operations is to eliminate this abundance and create a more intense and perky skin.

With face stretching surgery, the sagging excess of the skin is removed, and the thin layer of muscle under the skin is reshaped and stretched.

How do you know the old face?
The changes that aging creates in the face region are as follows:

• Pronation of the forehead lines
• lack of eyebrows
• droppings in the eyelids
• scratches on the eyelids called goose feet
• bags and stripes under the eyes
• reduced padding in the sagged cheeks and cheetah area
• skin folds and deepening in the mouth-nose bend area
• deterioration in the jaw contour lines – loss
• neck – sagging and looting in the tickling area
• Neck drapes – deep wrinkles
• Increase in sunspots on the skin of the face

How do you do face-stretching?
Face stretching operations are also divided into an area of the current problem, and the upper face section containing the muscles is divided into the middle face section containing the eye level and circumference, and the lower face section, including the mouth, jaw, and neck area. The purpose of facial rejuvenation surgery is: to hang textures on skin that are sagged and loose in different parts of the face and to stretch the skin by throwing out more of the skin that is hanging in its original place.

In a face-stretching operation, the marks are hidden in the scalp in the temple, in the skin, in the front of the ear, and in the natural curves behind it. Surgery marks are hidden, so it’s not too obvious.

In combination with face stretching operations, performing eye cap operations, skin peeling, and padding – botox also improves success.

How long is the operating time?
The surgery takes 2-5 hours under general anesthesia. However, if initiatives such as lower and upper eyelid esthetics, forehead stretching, and eyebrow lifting are carried out along with isolated facial surgery, this time will be extended.

What are the points to be considered during the post-op period?
After surgery, the patient stays in the hospital one night and is discharged afterward.

Although pain is not the most anticipated condition, pain may be experienced with painkillers. In some cases, drones are drones that will be removed after 1-2 days. It’s possible to see facial swelling and bruises. But in 1-2 weeks, it’s almost gone completely. The patient returns to his daily life after this period. The effective time for proper face stretching operations on appropriate patients lasts for up to 8-10 years. However, it is worth keeping in mind that aging continues in the period after surgery.