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Dental treatment methods have made great progress with the development of technology. Dental treatments are now carried out as close to reality. Many treatment checks have the appearance of natural teeth. Dental treatments also provide aesthetically pleasing results. Oral and dental health is the most important organisms that facilitate and provide digestion of food.

New Treatment Methods
Toothache, which does not end in dental treatment methods and complicates our lives, is usually caused by caries. The removal of cavities is terminated only by tooth extraction. Oral health is not given much importance in our country. This causes dental problems to appear excessively. In the Teta Easthetic center, which has the best place in Istanbul dental care, all treatments suitable for patients are performed by our specialist physicians. Treatment methods in dental health;

Tooth extraction
One of the treatment methods that cause dentistry and dental phobia in many patients is tooth extraction. It is generally applied to teeth that cannot be recovered. Tooth extraction is carried out in loose teeth with caries, advanced tooth loss, and gum disease. Tooth extraction is also performed in orthodontic treatments.

Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment is one of the treatment methods applied to remove the veins and nerves of the tooth in case of severe inflammation of the teeth. It is applied together with the filling and coating inside the tooth. It is performed even in children after caries treatment.

Implant Treatment
Implant treatment is a form of treatment produced by dentists from materials suitable for body anatomy to restore the functions of one or more missing teeth and to make an artificial tooth root in the jawbone.

Porcelain Dental Treatment
It is the most preferred form of treatment today. ÖIt is one of the treatment methods that are applied to the teeth, especially in crown or bridge works, and make them look aesthetically beautiful.

Teeth Whitening
It is the last method applied to teeth that have all been treated. It is the method applied in cases such as discoloration and yellowing in the tooth structure. It is easily applied by our dentists painlessly and painlessly way.

Smile Design
It is preferred because the front teeth, which come into our lives with the latest technology, negatively affect the smile. It is completed with botox application when necessary, including gingival treatment. The design that is most suitable for the facial features is prepared in the computer environment and the treatment application is started with the joint approval of the patient and the physician. Having a dental check-up twice a year prevents tooth loss. Nutrition is very important for healthy teeth and gums. Today, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, and acidic beverages affects our teeth negatively as well as our health. Therefore, a healthy diet and regular dental care are extremely important.