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From the past to the present, the visual of the face has been the effect of hair, eyebrows, and beards.  Today, hair growth, beard planting, muscle planting, and mustache planting are applied both in our country and in the world.

Eyebrow Esthetic And Eyebrow Transplant

Many people have a muscle thinning problem after the removal of conventional tweezers or rope, even though they don’t have a problem with the spillage of their muscles.  In recent years, thicker-looking muscles have been preferred.  It is one of the esthetic practices to make the thin muscles thicker on the face.  We need to give people the most natural appearance when planning muscle planting.  The consequences are permanent.

Beard Esthetic And Beard Transplant

In recent years, men have been more interested in having a bearded look on their faces.  Some people have trouble getting their beards out.  Some men don’t like the look of their beards.  Men can be given a bearded look in line with the visual appearance of their faces.  Beard planting can bring permanent solutions.  It must be carried out in hospital conditions and by qualified teams as it is a medical procedure.

Hair Transplant

It is the best treatment for permanent treatment against hair loss or dilution resulting from spillage.  It is a medical operation carried out by micro-surgical transmission of healthy hair roots.  After the operation, a healthy and natural appearance can be achieved.

‘The best solution for people who have had a spill problem since 1950 is hair-planting.  Hair dilution and loss are the only permanent treatment for treatment.’

Genetically, the hair on the back and side of the head area is growing for life.  Its foregone region is not as durable as these regions, so it can be spillage for genetic and other reasons.

In the medical field, tissues transplanted from one part of the body to another are called grafts. In hair transplantation operation, the graft is used for hair follicles taken from the back and side areas together with the surrounding tissue. There is an average of 2 hairs in each graft. This number varies from person to person. Some people may have 3 or 4 hairs in a graft. It can be rare in people with 5-6 hairs. The number of hairs per graft is effective in the results of the operation.

The hair-planting operation is carried out by taking the grafts from the rear and side areas in the head area and transferring them to the front areas.

A successful and healthy hair-work operation and a hair esthetic

In the success of the operation, both the number of strikes and the number of hairs in a strike is important.  The thickness of the hair is also effective.  The result is much better if the average number of hairs per graft is greater, and the wires have a good thickness.  Therefore, the individual planning should be carried out as the number of strikes, the number of hairs per strike, and the thickness of the wire will be different.  Some people may have problems with the skin in the head area.  Scalp injuries or scars may occur.  These people and their roots must be examined with these conditions in mind.  October methods must be specific to verilmelidir.planlamasinin people.  Every person 

A successful hair crop depends on a sufficient number of grafts in the side and back areas.  But sometimes people don’t have enough grafts.  Persons who do not have enough grafts for transfer in the head area are transferred from hair roots in the chest or beard area.  The best results are with grafts from the head area.

The person can only be a donor for graft transplantation.  In today’s medical conditions, only people can be transferred their roots.  No transfer is made from anyone else.

It is a medical operation, so it must be carried out in health care.

‘The hair Axis is a surgical procedure, even if it is a micro-surgery operation.  Although it is an easy surgical procedure, no simple procedure should be taken.  It is a medical practice to collect and transfer roots from the rear area.’

The operation must be carried out in operating conditions with a team of specialists, anesthesiologists, and nurses.  Since local anesthesia is performed, anesthesia must be performed by someone who specializes in it.  Local anesthesia is more risk-free anesthesia than general anesthesia and people are awake.  But the body is medicated for local anesthesia.  Therefore, it must be implemented by the health team.  As important as the success of the results of the operation, people must remain healthy.

For graft transplantation, collection, grooving and sowing operations are performed respectively. These procedures should be carried out by expert health teams. Since the grafts can have 1, 2 or 3 hairs, careful separation of the hairs during the collection process is effective in the success of the operation. Everything in the head region and in our body is alive. Since the grafts are living tissue, it is very important that the team performing the application is as fast as the experience in separation in the collection process. While the roots are alive, the transfer should be carried out as soon as possible. In order to make the best use of people’s existing roots and give the best result, the transfer should be done on time.

‘The hairline should be custom for natural planting results’

The most important thing for people who have been treated is to do a heavy hair transplant.  It is most important for people to dilute and make areas that have been fully diluted in the results of the operation.  But in application success, the correct line of the front line is just as important as getting a good look.

If the graft transfer is to be made to the front in the head area, the forehead and hair limit must be determined with a correct line for a successful operation result.  The fact that the line in the forehead region is consistent with the face of the people is effective in the success of the operation.  Each person has different facial features or shapes.  Some have a face rub, some have curves.  Some people are straight.  Therefore, the determination of this line by an experienced expert is effective in the success of the operation so that the results of the crop can be in a natural appearance.

Today’s most popular, known, and preferred technique is the FUE technique.  The FUE Technique can be described in different ways according to the pens, devices, and technology used in the FUE Technique.  Safir FUE, DHI FUE, Normal FUE, Manual FUE, and Robotic Surgery are available in Multi-Cell hair Explantation methods.  No matter how it is done, the roots must be done by people who can analyze them well.  All these methods are done with FUE Technique.  FUE Technique is the collection of grafts by removing the device individually without a pen, etc. and the planting after the channel is opened.  The operation by a team of very experienced FUE is very effective in the success of the results.  The grafts must be handled very carefully when they are removed from the donor site.  A team of experts in the FUE Technique should be preferred to assemble and plant as soon as possible.

For more details on our operation, please visit our hair extensions page.

As Theta Esthetic, our aim at hair planting is to reestablish the natural-haired look to people in comfort with experienced doctors and teams using up-to-date technologies.’

We plan individually by evaluating the face, hair quality, donor area, wire thickness, and spillage area as a whole.

Causes of Hair Loss

Spillage problems are usually genetic.  But skin disorders, infections, malnutrition, medicines, and washing products can also cause spillage.  Seasonal loops, hormone disorders, and vitamin deficiencies can also be the cause.  It’s a problem that about 75% of men.  Women and men may have different reasons for spilling.  Women can also speed up spills of birth, breastfeeding, and menopause processes.  Post-spillage dilution or planting operation for people with loss problems is the best solution.  Since lifelong growth roots are transferred to these areas, there will be no further spillage problems in the pre-treated areas or the region.

It can be applied to both men and women.  It’s more done in men.  When deciding the method of operation, no gender decision is made.  Only women have different shaving conditions before the operation.