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Gynecomastia; genetic problems, hormone disorders, liver disorders, cirrhosis, cancer, and alcohol addiction can be defined as female breast growth in men for reasons such as continuous drug use and excessive weight. Gynecomasty can be caused by an abnormal increase in breast fat or breast tissue, as well as by both.

Male children may experience temporary gynecomasty during adolescence. This is likely temporary, as can be understood by its name; the breast surplus will disappear at 17-18 without surgery. Surgery is necessary if the person steps into adulthood but gynecomasty is still present. Gynecomastia surgery can be described as liposuction or surgical removal of excess tissues in the breast area, which creates a disturbing image and reduces the confidence and life motivation of men. It is not possible to correct the gynecomasty problem with sports or diet. Thanks to Gynecomasty surgery, men can have an esthetic body that is safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, they don’t have to hide healthily.

How do you do gynecomastia surgery?
The plastic surgeon initially consults to determine which method to use in gynecomasty surgery, according to the structure of breast growth. In the operating room environment, the gynecomastia operation performed under general anesthesia is completed in approximately 1-2 hours. The gynecomastia caused by the oil tissue is using the liposuction technique. In this technique, the oils are disintegrated and melted by ultrasonic sound waves, which are then exited from the body by vacuum. A 3-4 millimeter cut is opened to the area where the oil is being disintegrated and liquid is removed from the body, and a vacuum is performed using a cannula (fine tube). The cuts for cannulas are millimeters, so there are no traces of the skin after treatment.

The gynecomastia caused by both fat and breast tissue is used as a solution. In the surgical procedure, the scar is completely concealed at the point of transition between the breast head and the skin, as it is made in a half-moon shape. This method can also remove fat and breast tissue as well as excess skin. In the anesthetic approach, gynecomastia performed using current technology are performed without leaving a trace, undeniably from the outside. The person is discharged on the same day or one day after surgery. If he’s not working on a job that requires body performance, he can easily return to his daily life after 3-4 days.

What is to be careful about after Gynecomasty surgery?
The first few days after Gynecomasty surgery can feel very mild pain. The process is more comfortable with painkillers. After surgery, the chest area is bandaged tightly to achieve the intended image. Two days after the operation, you can take a shower when the bandages are removed.

1 week after Gynecomastia surgery, it’s okay to do sports that don’t require heavy performance such as swimming, running, basketball, and football. Heavy sports like Bodybuilding are recommended to start after 1 month. Again, it is necessary to avoid heavy lifting for a month. It is important to use a corset for 1 month after surgery to get the final shape of the chest area. After the operation, for 3 months, the chest feels a very mild stiffness. after 6 months, the body takes its final shape, it seems like the person has never had surgery.

Does the gynecomasty reoccur?
Gynecomasty is not an easy-to-repeat problem if there is no serious weight gain or alcohol addiction.