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Hair transplantation is the best solution to make hair thinning or hair loss areas with the onset of the hair loss process. In hair transplantation, people’s own healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinned or lost areas.

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure in which healthy hair follicles are transplanted using microsurgical methods. Since it is a medical procedure, it should be performed by specialist doctors and teams in a hospital environment. Hair Transplantation is the transplantation of durable hair follicles in the nape area to areas that are thinned or completely hairless after shedding. The roots in the nape area are genetically non-shedding roots. The roots in this area are very healthy and durable.

‘Hair-on Results are permanent…’ 

Since the roots in diluted or completely spilled areas are not active, they are transferred to these areas by removing resistive roots from the neck area.  Therefore, the results in the planting area are permanent.

As Theta Esthetic, we perform our operations with the specialist doctor and team.  Our goal is to give people a comfortable, natural-haired look with modern medical practices.  Roots are successfully transferred to areas that are diluted or empty.  People can only be transferred from their donor site.  We are doing our applications by making personalized planning. 

We are implementing proven FUE methods.  We agree on which FUE method to be implemented in the examination with the individuals.  This examination analyzes the hair type of people.  In hospital conditions, local anesthesia or sedation will begin to apply to those who are eligible.  Anesthesia applications are performed by anesthesiologists.  Then the planned personalized crop will begin.  The application takes into account the hair direction, characteristics, and growth angle of people. 

The time between the removal and transfer of hair roots is very important.  The roots are living tissue, so they must be transferred as soon as possible after it has been removed.  As Theta Esthetic, we are applying current methods to ensure that the roots can be transported healthily as soon as possible. We are completing the operation successfully in a short time with special markers.

Who Can The Hair Transplant Be Applied To?

It can be applied to people of all ages with hair loss problems. from the age of 20, anyone with a spillage problem can be treated.  For best results, it is effective to have a sufficient volume of hair odor on the sides and back of the head area.  Some people transfer from their facial and chest areas when they do not have enough odor.  When transferring from these areas, the appropriate planting techniques are applied for these roots.  The roots obtained by medical techniques have a high adhesion rate and the results are permanent.  During the examination, we inform the average number of grafts that can be planted according to the hair characteristics of the individual. 

Due to scalp injury and scar tissue, dilution or loss can also be applied.  This type of person is treated with specific techniques. 

Today, almost 50 percent of men over the age of 50 face the issue of spillage.  Therefore, hair-planting is the most applied cosmetic surgery for men.  Hair loss is not just a man’s thing.  Many women can experience thinning and loss problems.  Gender treatment in hair-planting techniques does not require a limitation.  Women have the opportunity to plant without shaving. 

Hair Transplant Operation Process

  1. Areas to be bought before the operation are shaved and made suitable for the operation. Operation is also possible without a shave.  Women are performed without shaving. 
  2. The application is started with local anesthesia, which is an anesthesia type. Patients are awake because local anesthesia is applied.  Anesthesia is only applied to the application site.  People can chat during the process.  People are conscious and conscious.  Other types of anesthesia, called sedation, can also be applied to people who are uncomfortable, anxious, excited, or concerned in hospital conditions according to their requests during the examination. 
  3. Collection process: The first processing stage of the operation is the collection process. After sedation by anesthesiologists, the head area collects the necessary number of roots from the sides and the rear area.  In medical language, these roots are called grafts.  Each graft has an average of 2 or 3 kilos.  It is carried out with care to collect the grafts and prepare the grafts for processing.  Performed by a team of experts.  This collection is very important.  People need to gather their current number of roots in the best way on time. 
  4. Channel opening process: After the grafts have been collected, the channel opening process, which is a process of operation, is started. The correct opening of the channels is very effective in people having a natural appearance.  Depending on the graft characteristics collected, the opening channels are also effective at the rate of hair growth after treatment.  Today there are FUE methods where no channel opening is required.  Transport can be performed immediately after collection, even without a channel opening procedure, according to the method specified during the examination. 
  5. October or Transfer Phase: At the latest stage of this operation, consisting of two or three stages, the grafts collected are carefully placed at the right angles to the channels.
  6. Local anesthesia, collection, channel opening, and planting take an average of 6-7 hours. With local anesthesia, pain or pain is unnoticeable.  It does not affect the comfort of people during the operation. 
  7. After the operation is completed, the area where the acquisition is being performed is closed with medical supplies to prevent exposure to external conditions. This field, called dressing, is removed by our team 2 days after the application.

Post-hair Transplant Process

  1. In the area where the graft is collected in the back of the people, the dressing will be removed by our team 2 days after the operation.
  2. People before and after the treatment are told what to look out for. Prescriptions are given for medicines and products that he needs to use.  According to the interview at the time of the examination, the prescription can also be delivered to the person.  How to use what is prescribed is explained to people both after practice and after practice. 
  3. 2 days after the operation, the cleaning process is carried out by our team after the removal of the dressing material. Skin that is treated after washing may have shells.  The shells will be spilled within 10 days.  The process of crust and recovery can be faster, according to the FUE method in which the operation was carried out. 
  4. Three months after the operation, the results begin to be seen very slowly. Full results require 6 months.  Everyone has different hair characteristics.  That’s why the full results have been taken for about 6-18 months.

Hair Transplant Techniques And Methods

The most commonly used technique today is FUE Technique.  It’s the name given to the technique used when harvesting grafts.  There are different methods for transferring the grafts collected with FUE Technique to the area to be applied. 

  • Normal FUE Hair Transplant
    • It is the manual transfer of the grafts after the channel operation by performing the collection and decomposition operations using the micro motor.  
  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
    • This is the method of channel opening using special sapphire-tipped pens after collection and decomposition.
    • There are sapphire pens with different end dimensions. Depending on the characteristics of the graft, it is decided which sapphire tip to use. 
    • Special sapphire pens allow for more micro-channels to be opened by the normal procedure.
    • This method is more popular and advantageous than the Classic FUE method when micro-channels are opened and this particular sapphire pen is in contact with people’s tissues.
    • The number of grafts transferred to the application site in the Sapphire FUE Method is higher.
    • After the operation, the crust process is less.
    • There is a faster recovery process than the classic FUE method.
  • DHI Hair Transplant
    • The application is performed with a special pen called Choi. It’s a medical pen.
    • DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the shortening of words.
    • It is a hair-planting method using the FUE technique, which is called direct hair-planting.
    • The opening and planting of the channel with the Choi pen are done at the same time. The channel opening phase is said to be missing because it is the channel opening process and planting at the same time. 
    • The ability to open and plant channels simultaneously allows the transfer of collected grafts in much less time.
    • Thanks to the Choi pen, grafts are transferred after collection.
    • This method is the most advanced medical technology for hair transplants.
    • During the transfer process, the grafts are placed in the skin individually in the head area.
    • Roots can be transferred more tightly.
    • The grafts collected are immediately transferred, so it is not necessary to hold the grafts in a special solution.
    • This method is why the hair-free hair-growth method has been more done in recent years. It’s an advantageous method, especially for women. 
    • The healing process is faster.
    • The benefits of the DHI method are operational. The results do not speed up the earlier viewing.  The earliest results are still visible after 6 months. 
  • Hair growth Method without a shave
    • It is done with the DHI FUE Method or the Sapphire FUE Method.
    • Those who are eligible can be transferred without shaving in the head area.
    • Before the operation, it is possible to determine whether to be shaved or not.
    • It’s usually applied to women. It is also applied to people who cannot shave due to the intense work pace. 
  • Robotic hair Surgery
    • The grafts are collected by the planter during the collection process. The channel operation is performed with this robot.  The transfer is made manually. 
    • The robot automatically detects the gaps between the roots, the depth, the direction of the roots to come out, and the angle of the roots.

You can review our blog posts to learn more about the differences between FUE methods.

When Does The Hair Grow?

  • All methods with FUE Technique have the same results at the same time. The differences between methods are only when applied.  Choi is different, like using a pen or a sapphire pen. 
  • 3 months after the operation, the changes begin to manifest themselves. There is a medically slow growth process. 
  • 6 months after the operation, beautiful and successful results begin to be seen.
  • Even two brothers operating on the same day may have different results during the first 6 months. Everyone has different hair characteristics and growth processes.  Full results are shown after 1 year. 

Hair Transplant Prices

Our planned custom hair-crop application has been personalized for prices.  The technical and method to be applied to people affects the price.  It also affects the number of strikes a person needs.  You can contact us so we can give you an average price for the conditions you need for hair extensions.  We can rate when you send us an updated freshly taken photo. 

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