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For reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, genetics, and rapid weight loss, breasts fall under the influence of gravity and lose their form. This psychologically affects patients with decreased self-esteem.

With breast-stitching operations, it is possible to have breasts that stand upright and more alive as desired in women.

How is the Operate Done?
Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery varies between 2-4 hours, depending on the level of the breast’s sagging and whether the filling is needed.

With this surgery, excess and sagging skin areas are removed and breast tissue is erected and filled at the same time. If the person’s tissue is not sufficient in this filling, silicone prosthetics or oil injection methods are also assisted. At the same time, the enlarged and sagged nipple is brought to the size and place of the breast.

In this surgery, there are different proportions of the breast head and the bottom of the breast to the extent of the sagging to the fold area. You have to know that there is no breast-stitching surgery that doesn’t leave a mark. But these tracks become less pronounced over time.

If the nozzle head is not too far down and there is a small amount of droop along with the lack of volume, prosthetics are placed on these types of breasts, ensuring breast filling and breast seizing.

Breast milk channels are not affected, so it is rare to have breast problems.

What are the points to be considered during the post-op period?
The patient is discharged after staying in the hospital on the day of surgery or one night. Apart from the pain that’s decreased with painkillers on the first day, pain on other days is not the most anticipated situation.

There’s usually swelling and bruises around the nipple that go through 2 weeks. In some patients, drones are typically placed inside the breast, which should be removed after 1-2 days.

After surgery, sports bras are worn for 3-4 weeks. If the patient is not working on heavy-duty tasks, he will continue his work after the third day. It is recommended that the exercise heavily for about a month and stay away from work.

Breast-stitching operations are good-looking surgeries that can give the breast a good look. However, it should be noted that after surgery, there may be some drooling effects from pregnancy, breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, and age, as well as gravity.